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WarMUX 11.04 – Windows

Rated /5

WarMUX, formally known as Wormux, is a free and open-source game getting its initial inspiration from the Worms game. The teams are styled after the mascots of various free software projects, such as GNU, Linux, FreeBSD, KDE, GIMP,, Firefox, …

Mystery Island II 1.8.9

Rated /5

Product Description You are a Navy Seal currently serving aboard the USS Volarus when your submarine is destroyed by an unidentified vessel. A Russian nuclear warship seems the most likely possibility. You escape the final blast and wash up on …

3D Pinball Unlimited

Rated /5

3D Pinball Unlimited looks and reacts like a real old fashioned bar machine. Each of the four tables is a complete game with great graphic works, full sound effects, music, decor and its own rules. It offers a challenge to …