Version 1.0.2 10.2MB

HandBrake 1.0.2

Rated 5/5

With HandBrake, DVD movies can be ripped for private purposes into the space-saving MP4 format under Mac OS X, Windows and Ubuntu using a series of defined parameters combinations, including presets for Apple TV, iPhone, iPod, television and other formats are available.

Entire DVDs or chapters can be converted, including all subtitles and audio tracks, with support for iPhone and iPod Touch. In addition to the 1-click conversion the conversion results can be based on a variety of customisable parameters.

For all Apple TV, iPhone and iPod owners and movie buffs, HandBrake is a very useful tool. Unfortunately, HandBrake supports Intel GPU hardware-accelerated encoding only under Windows.

Version 1.0.2 10.2MB

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