Version 9.16 8MB

DriverMax 9.16

Rated 5/5

Those who would like to reset their operating system, along with all necessary drivers, now have a free tool that will save them time and effort. DriverMax creates a backup of all installed Windows drivers, that can be easily accessed after reinstallation.

The program’s operation is easy to learn even for inexperienced users. The program recognizes software such as system drivers for motherboard, network, sound, and graphics, as well as for peripherals such as printers, mouse and keyboard. Then DriverMax displays a clear list which can be modified as wanted. After specifying a target directory, the software stores the files on the hard drive or external storage media as ZIP file. The restore feature again works with just a few clicks.

In addition, DriverMax offers the option of automatically searching to identify unknown hardware or displaying detailed information on existing components for the latest drivers on the Internet. To use these features, it is necessary to sign up for a free account with DriverMax.

DriverMax is a free program that can be used for easy backup of all system drivers. It is especially useful for older computers, where the drivers are stored on CDs.


Version 9.16 8MB

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