Version 5.3.2 13.93MB

Cyberduck (Windows) 5.3.2

Rated 5/5

The FTP tool Cyberduck has been popular on Mac OS for some time, and is now available for Windows.

With Cyberduck, files can be transferred to or from a server via drag-and-drop. The access data can be stored and are accessible via a list. The tool supports connections via FTP/TLS, WebDAV, FTP and SSH file transfer protocol as well as upload and download via drag-and-drop. Default file permissions can be set for down- and upload.

Cyberduck, with its many tools, facilitates one’s daily work and has a convincing stability. The tool is a simple to use FTP and HTTP client with fast and efficient up- and downloading. The latest version supports cloud services such as Google Docs, Google Storage, Windows Azure and Amazon S3.

Cyberduck (Mac)


Version 5.3.2 13.93MB

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