PlateMaker 1.0

Rated /5

An Adobe Photoshop Plug-In module that exports DCS 2.0 files.
To use PlateMaker, you create channels in Photoshop to contain the custom color information. PlateMaker saves each channel as an individual separation plate and generates a DCS 2.0 file. A variation of an EPS file, the DCS 2.0 format combines all the necessary color separation plates and a composite for previewing and proofing into one separation file. Prepress professionals and designers worldwide use PlateMaker to achieve special effects, produce touch and bump plates, embossing, and more.
All sorts of elements for which a specific film is necessary can be added to the paper (or card) after the process printing : you can add extra plates for varnishes, foil stamps, metallic inks, and colors (pantone and others). The program exports the Photoshop layers for which these complementary works are destined as DCS2.0 files (A variation on EPS format).

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