CatBase 4.18

Rated /5

CatBase is the cross-media database publishing solution for publishing catalogues, directories, price lists, membership directories, classified ads, or any other database-type information.
It automates the process of formatting data ready for publication and will format the information according to your specifications: when data is transferred from the database to the destination (QuarkXPress, InDesign, FrameMaker, PageMaker, HTML document, XML file etc.), it is sorted and formatted along with pictures – automatically and consistently.
CatBase will work with any word processor or desktop publishing program that supports RTF tags or XML.
The data base can, of course, be modified and various attributes for each field can be specified. There is an editor for creating labels. Data can be re-coded and formatted for emails and web pages which can be published either on an intranet or on internet.
Also available for windows.

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