Version 26.38MB

Lookeen Desktop Search Free

Rated 5/5

The integrated desktop search (comparable to Windows or Google Desktop Search) searches folders in your local or network files on your Windows system. Lookeen ensures that you always work from the latest information. The Lookeen indexer returns up to date search results in record time!

The Desktop Search that works.

  • Save time: Don’t spend another minute on search. Lookeen helps you find what you need, when you need it.
  • Stay organized: Instant access to all of your important information, all in one place. Never waste time filing again!
  • Be more productive: Get your job done efficiently using Lookeen’s document editing and email functions.
  • Share safely and easily: Access shared documents, network files, Exchange server and more, following your company’s user rights.
  • Conquer your Inbox: Is email overwhelming your work day? Don’t file, simply search – find & work on emails, attachments and more in Lookeen.
  • Become a search expert: No training required! Benefit immediately by using the simple and streamlined user interface.
  • Works like you do: Search as you type, full fidelity preview, advanced search filters – intuitive actions enable you to optimize your work process.
Version 26.38MB

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