Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise

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Operational Monitoring, Diagnostics, Administration and Automated Tuning for SQL Server

Spotlight® on SQL Server Enterprise provides in-depth physical, cloud, and virtual SQL diagnostics. Intuitive overviews of enterprise health and performance, automated alerts and actions, and an integrated Xpert tuning module ensure optimal performance for your SQL Server, Analysis Services, VMware ESX and SQL Azure database environments. Spotlight makes it easy to:

  • Understand your SQL Server infrastructure health at a glance
  • Monitor SQL Server’s relational engine, Analysis Services, Windows, VMware ESX and SQL Azure from a single console
  • Customize built-in metrics and alarms
  • Automate performance metric analysis
  • Resolve issues quickly, including long-running processes, blocking locks, deadlocking and more
  • Gain insight into the health of your SQL Server environment with the free health check tool
  • Go mobile and monitor your environment anywhere, anytime on any device with the free Spotlight mobile tool


Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise View


Instance Home Page


Diagnostic Drill-downs


Full Support for SQL Server Replication


Robust Windows Dashboards (like this Operating System Home Page)


Monitor SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)


Monitor SQL Azure Databases


Spotlight Heat Map view


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