Version 2.35 2.08MB

KeePass Password Safe 2.35

Rated 4/5

KeePass Password Safe manages passwords in a single, secure database. It is encrypted with the AES and Twofish algorithms.

Other features:

  • Auto-completion, hotkey and drag & drop support
  • Export of the password lists as TXT, HTML, XML or CSV
  • Import from CSV, CodeWallet, TXT and Password Safe
  • Export of (sub) groups in encrypted database files
  • Create password groups
  • Search and sorting function
  • Entries with creation and modification date
  • Multilingual (20 locations)

Compared to the previous version, KeePass offers more features from version 2.0. For example, the master password can be combined with the Windows account password. There is also the plugin KeeFox available, which ensures seamless integration with Firefox since version 2.09.


KeePass is an intuitive and powerful standalone application that takes up little storage space and does not cost anything.

Version 2.35 2.08MB

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