Version 22.0.32 23.9MB

JRiver Media Centre 22.0.32

Rated 5/5

JRiver Media Centre is an all-In-one media player for music, videos, DVDs, TV, and digital images. This universal player can handle almost any popular format. In addition a comprehensive collection of your media can be mapped and distributed across thenetwork with this media centre.

More features:

  • Convert music up to 320 KBps
  • Integrated burning function for CDs and DVDs
  • Television via your TV card
  • Editing of audio recordings
  • Match music to your iPod
  • Built-in DVD player
  • Recording function

JRiver Media Centre offers everything under one roof: audio, video and DVD player, and television. You can manage large media collections in a single tool. For registration, a fee of $50 is required.


Version 22.0.32 23.9MB

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