Version 90.3MB

PRTG Network Monitor Free

Rated 5/5

PRTG Network Monitor has more than 150 types of sensors for all common network services (E.g. Ping, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, FTP, etc.). Thanks to PRTG you can get notifications on outages by email, SMS or pager before your users notice that something is not working. And what’s more, if you monitor response time and uptime for several months with PRTG Network Monitor, you can optimise your network so that your pager never rings again. PRTG can print reports, so that you can prove that you’re doing a good job.

The sensor provided specifically for IMAP with newly added filter options helps to check status messages without requiring IT staff to check the appropriate emails individually.

The range of functions is rounded off by the PRTG maps. This real-time dashboard bundles performance information in real time. Thus, the administrator sees the live monitoring status for all sensors which monitor an application at a glance in graphs and tables. The maps can be visualised with individual background images such as network plans, maps, custom icons, HTML objects and photos.


Version 90.3MB

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