Version 1.16.0 1.31MB

GPU-Z 1.16.0

Rated 5/5

GPU-Z is a tool used to display information about the graphics processing unit (GPU) installed in the computer. This includes information such as the card name, processor, technology, die size, graphics memory, rated clock speed, chipset, DirectX version and the number of shaders. The individual parameters are also explained by mouse-over.

GPU-Z also shows that many models of sensors determined actual clock rate and temperature. A built-in screenshot function creates a screen shot comfortably and provides it on request to the developers. Also informed GPU-Z on relevant performance data
GPU-Z displays the following data:

o name
o revision
o size
o technology
o release date
o transistor
o BIOS version
o device ID
o subvendor
o bus interface
o shader
o DirectX support
o pixel fill rate
o texture fill rate
o memory type
o bus width
o memory size
o bandwidth
o driver version
o GPU clock
o memory
o default clock
o memory
o multi GPU
o computing: DirectCompute, OpenCL, CUDA, PhysX

Users who need relevant GPU data are well served by GPU-Z. When it comes to handling problems, it is particularly useful to have data related to the GPU’s operating parameters.


Version 1.16.0 1.31MB

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