Version 6.5.6 0.36MB

Universal Viewer Free 6.5.6

Rated 5/5

The small and handy tool Universal Viewer is a free file viewer that can open a variety of different formats. For example, the freeware copes easily with texts, images, videos, music files and web pages. In addition, the program can be integrated into the context menu of Windows Explorer or popular file managers like Total Commander. With the help of plug-ins the program can open an even wider variety of formats.

To open a file, you simply drag it into the user interface of Universal Viewer or right click on it and select Universal Viewer on the shortcut list. The software comes with its own file browser, which shows up in the tool bar below the navigation panel. The program is free of charge for a period of 15 days.

For the viewing of Word, Excel and OpenOffice files, installing a plug-in is necessary if Microsoft Office or OpenOffice are not already installed on the machine.

The latest version fixes a bug in the navigation panel, which occured when working with large directories. Other recently added features include, for example, the possibility to call up recent documents.

Universal Viewer is a practical tool for viewing various file types. Virtually every format can be opened with it.

Installation is possible only with an Internet connection. By default (typical installation) the Setup program changes the home page and the default search provider. Those who don’t want this can select ‘custom installation’ and remove the check marks in the appropriate places.


Version 6.5.6 0.36MB

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