Version 5.80 15.1MB

AIDA64 Extreme Edition 5.80

Rated 5/5

AIDA64 Extreme Edition is the successor to Everest Ultimate Edition. The program is a comprehensive diagnostic tool for Windows, which provides detailed information about the computer’s hardware and software. In addition, it monitors your system and helps optimise your PC while exposing its weaknesses.

Thanks to its simple interface, the software offers quick access to all important data from the motherboard, CPU, memory, graphics card or BIOS. In addition, there is, for example, information about monitor type, installed drives and disk and network card and input devices. According to manufacturer data for over 100,000 devices are included.

AIDA64 also includes Windows data. In addition to computer name, version number and product key, the tool provides information about used system drivers, launched services and processes, and installed programs.

For performance enhancement, the tool uses numerous benchmarks, which determine the computing power of the processor, measure the disk read access speed and determine the memory access speed. Comparisons with other systems are also included.

AIDA64 monitors temperature and voltage of the processor, motherboard and memory on request or logs fan usage. This allows it to warn of imminent overheating, overvoltage or fan failure. Furthermore, the tool includes a stability test, which allows you to analyse the system under extreme conditions.

The current Version supports Intel’s fourth-generation Core processors (Haswell). The benchmarks AVX2 and FMA are supported among others.

A Business Edition is also available for IT managers.


Version 5.80 15.1MB

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