Version 5.80 12.1MB

AIDA64 Business Edition 5.80

Rated 5/5

AIDA64 Business Edition, for IT managers of small and medium-sized enterprises, is targeted differently to AIDA64 Extreme Edition. The tool is used to determine system information and for monitoring PC systems. In addition, the tool provides network monitoring and testing and tracking of system changes. All information can then easily be filed in reports. AIDA64 Business Edition includes managing a SQL database as an advanced feature.

AIDA64 determines accurate information about the motherboard, CPU and BIOS, graphics card and monitor, storage devices, network cards, multimedia, input devices and various other hardware. Also included is information about the operating system, network status and detailed information on installed software.

In addition to the information retrieval AIDA64 is used for the monitoring of hardware, such as the CPU temperature, the status of the fan voltage CPU, AGP and DRAM, and measuring the temperature of hard drives. It also points out possible misconfiguration of hardware and software with tips for solving the problems.

All this information can then be saved as a file with the help of simple report wizards in various formats (text, HTML, MHTML, XML, CSV, MIF, INI) or in a SQL Server database, and can be sent directly by email (through the built-in SMTP client) or printed.

The tool has various networking capabilities. Also, reports can be saved directly to a file, FTP, or SQL Server. Software information and changes to the systems over the entire network can be queried and databases can be managed easily with the tool.

The here linked version of AIDA64 Business Edition is a 30-days trial version which includes all features. Those who would like to use the tool after the trial period must purchase a licence for one, two, three or five years.


Version 5.80 12.1MB

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