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Maxthon (Windows)

Rated 5/5

Maxthon (formerly MyIE2) is a browser that uses two different rendering engines to improve website rendering. By default, version 4 now uses the WebKit rendering engine, replacing Internet Explorer’s Trident engine, delivering much improved JavaScript performance over Trident. Trident is now used only in exceptional cases.

After registration on the manufacturer’s website, users can sync bookmarks. The new version offers an integrated Download Manager, mouse gestures, an adblocker, an automatic fill feature for forms and a screenshot tool. From the configuration menu, the browser allows many settings for personalising the browser.

Maxthon 4 is a modern browser that places itself ahead of the competition with the numerous improvements in version 2.5. Drawbacks, however, include that no extensions are available for the browser. However, the browser offers many useful features, including mouse gestures; the use of URL shortcuts and aliases to call up web pages even faster; automatic form filling; opening URL groups with a single click; automatically updating web pages (such as for stock quotes); and a quick search function call.

More features at a glance:

  • A “More RSS” button
  • Search drop-down menu
  • Podcasting support
  • Online update with commemoration of the latest review
  • Maxthon feed directory
  • Pop-up blocker
  • RSS reader

A handy tool that brings IE up to date in terms of functionality and comfort.

The current version includes various bug fixes and small improvements. The video popup module is also new.

Maxthon (Windows Phone)
Maxthon (iOS)
Maxthon (Mac)

Version 32.02MB

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