Version 46MB

Comodo Dragon

Rated 5/5

The web browser Comodo Dragon is based on the Google Chrome engine, but promises greater stability and lower resource consumption, as well as better security and better protection of privacy than Chrome. Unlike Google’s browser, Dragon records no user activity and does not send error reports to Google servers.

During installation, the user has the ability to import browsing history, favourites, cookies and passwords from most web browsers; Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera are supported in addition to the Google Chrome. In terms of appearance and operation, it is the same as Chrome and supports all Chrome extensions.

To better protect the user while surfing, Comodo has integrated a function that checks the certificates used when retrieving a web page via an encrypted connection, providing detailed information to the user. The incognito mode blocks cookies and deletes traces of browser or search history. Also included are anti-phishing and malware protection features.

The current version contains improvements in the authentication of domains and uses the latest version of the Windows Media Player for playback of multimedia content.

A News Centre has been integrated in version to keep users up to date about current Comodo offers and products. Also some bugs have been fixed – for example, an error which caused Setup to stop suddenly during the manual update process.

The free web browser Comodo Dragon is based on the source code of Google Chrome, one of the fastest browsers around. For those putting an emphasis on data protection, the browser gives them an alternative to Chrome that will send no user data to Google.

Version 46MB

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