Version 5.2.1 7.42MB

Copernic Desktop Search 5.2.1

Rated 5/5

Copernic Desktop Search searches the hard disk very quickly to locate files, emails, music and pictures. This is achieved through indexing, which is carried on continuously in the background. Bookmarks and browser history, Office documents, emails and addresses are covered as well a variety of audio and video files. The tool can search even email (Thunderbird, Lotus Notes and Outlook are supported) and OpenOffice documents. The toolbar is compatible with Firefox.

The search can be run directly on a desktop searchbar. It is also possible to include Web searches in the results. Search results can be organised by size, date, file type, or location. Results can be also grouped by name, memory allocation, or, as in the case of song files, artist or genre.

More features at a glance:

  • Fault-tolerant index
  • Resource-efficient indexing
  • Displays results while search terms are being typed
  • Preview of search results
  • Support for Boolean operators
  • Direct preview of Internet pages
  • Highlighting of hits
  • Toolbar compatible with Firefox

Copernic has a very convenient interface and works efficiently. The tool provides a preview of search results so that it is unnecessary to manually open documents. The built-in file viewer can preview a wide variety of documents, from office documents to media files.

Version 5.2.1 7.42MB

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