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Occasionally you need to check spelling in an application that does not include a spelling checker and you don’t want to launch your word processor just for that. This is when tinySpell becomes handy. It is a small utility that allows you to easily and quickly check and correct the spelling in any Windows application.
tinySpell can watch your typing on the fly and alert you whenever it detects a misspelled word.

  • It can also check the spelling of text that you copy to the clipboard.
  • tinySpell installs itself in the system tray for easy access.

Two variants are available:
• tinySpell:  a freeware (totally free – no adware/spyware/nagware/etc.)
• tinySpell+: with more features (buy now – pick your price)

This download is for tinySpell+ (try before you buy*)

Checking your spelling is simple:
Option 1:
While you are typing, tinySpell watches the text you enter and whenever it detects a misspelled word it beeps and shows a spelling tip, and the tinySpell icon in the system tray turns from white to yellow .
Option 2:
When you copy text to the clipboard tinySpell checks its spelling immediately. If it finds at least one misspelled word in the text it beeps and turns its icon to yellow. If the icon is white it means that no misspelled words were found in the clipboard text.
Correcting a misspelled word is also simple: When a misspelled word is detected, click the tinySpell icon or press the hot-key to pop up a list of suggested replacement words. If the misspelled word is detected during on-the-fly checking or after a word is copied to the clipboard you can select a correction from the list. The selected word is inserted into your document, or is copied to the clipboard (so you can paste it in your document), or both (depending on your settings).

  • Checks spelling in any Windows application
  • Checks spelling on-the-fly (alerts if the last typed word was misspelled)
  • Checks spelling of text that is copied to the clipboard
  • Allows you to specify applications for which tinySpell is disabled or enabled
  • Allows you to add words to the dictionary
  • Optionally beeps on error (beep sound can be easily set to any wav file)
  • Optionally displays a spelling tip (see example)
  • Provides easy access to on-line web services
  • (Search, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia) (see here)
  • Opens replacements list with a simple mouse click or a hot-key
  • Optionally copies the selected replacement word to the clipboard
  • Optionally inserts the selected replacement word into the document
  • Checks for updates with options to download and install new versions
  • Easy Enable/Disable
  • Uses little system resources

tinySpell+ (in addition to the above features)

  • Remembers the last error (even if it is not the last typed word)
  • Optionally displays a spelling tip with instant correction (see example)
  • Includes a clipboard spell checker that shows all spelling errors in the
  • clipboard’s text in a single glance, and allows you to correct them
  • new in 1.9.40: Provides a Learn mode that allows tinySpell+ to learn
  • your replacements to spelling errors and offer you better suggestions
  • Allows you to add auto-replacements to the dictionary
  • Allows you to add a list of words to the dictionary
  • A scheduled Import/Export of the words added to the dictionary allows easy
  • backup and synchronization of the dictionary with other users on a network
  • Automatically switches dictionary according to current language
  • (provided that additional dictionaries are installed; see details below)
  • Adds “Translation” to the on-line web services mentioned above
  • (Search, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia)
  • Allows you to easily choose the default on-line service in each category
  • from a list of services, or add new services to the category (see here)
  • Allows you to open a small bar on your desktop that lets you enter text
  • and search for on-line information (see here)
  • Provides the following additional options:
  • – Check Capitalization
  • – Mixed CaSe is an error
  • – Beep if first letter of a sentence is not capitalized
  • – Capitalize first letter of sentences
  • – Ignore UPPERCASE words
  • – Ignore words with numbers
  • – Ignore Internet & email addresses and file names

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