SMS Sender 1.12

Rated /5

Want to send an SMS but your phone is down? Or you simply prefer typing on a keyboard? Let SMS Sender send your messages to cell phones. It costs the same, but it is a lot easier. Just type your message and SMS Sender will deliver it to the so-called SMS Centre of a telecom company via your modem or ISDN line. The SMS Centre takes your message to the recipient. Even when this is with another telecom company.
And there is more:

  • SMS Sender will notify you of a successful delivery. And of failed deliveries, for instance because the recipient’s telephone wasn’t switched on.
  • Maintain a simple telephone book. Select a recipient with one mouse-click.
  • What you pay depends on your local situation. It will cost you the same amount of money as what you would pay dialing by hand. SMS Sender makes a normal phone call to the number of the SMS Centre you specify.

SMS Sender is freeware. You may copy and distribute it as long as you don’t make money from it and distribute it in its entirety, including the accompanying README.TXT file.
Version history:
Version 1.12:

  • Updated version of SMSX ActiveX Control included.

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