Mail Attachment Remover 1.07

Rated /5

Ever wanted to remove an attachment from an email message in Outlook Express / Windows Mail, without losing the message itself? Well now you can, with Mail Attachment Remover!
With Mail Attachment Remover (formerly called Outlook Express Attachment Remover) you can simply remove the attachment, or you can first save the attachment to disk and then remove it. After removal of the attachment the text of the message will contain a line indicating the removal of the attachment.
If you like you can remove multiple attachments of a mail message with one mouse click, or remove all attachments of multiple selected messages.
Mail Attachment Remover supports the use of multiple identities on one machine.

  • Mail Attachment Remover runs on all Windows versions, but your machine must have at least version 5.0 of Internet Explorer.
  • Mail Attachment Remover supports both the standard mail program of Windows Vista, called Windows Mail, and the standard mail program of earlier Windows versions, called Outlook Express. It doesn’t support Windows Live Mail.

Version history:
Version 1.07:

  • Fixed bug which caused program crash when processing mail with extremely long subject.

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