Lossless JPEG Rotator 1.01

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Digital photos can be made with different shot orientaton. To easily view these photos they will have to be rotated to the correct position. With Lossless JPEG Rotator you can do this easily, without loss in quality and in most cases automatically. Rotated photos keep their original date and time. Rotation can be initiated from the file or folder’s right click menu.
Lossless JPEG Rotator is freeware. You may copy and distribute it as long as you don’t make money from it and distribute it in its entirety.
Program details:
Automatic rotation
Most modern digital cameras come with a gravity sensor. This gives them the ability to know the orientation the camera was in while taking the picture, and save that knowlegde as an indicator in the picture file. Some software applications can read this indicator and display the images the right side up, but others (and your DVD-player!) don’t do this. That’s why I prefer to rotate the images to the correct position once and for all, and then forget about it. Lossless JPEG Rotator helps you doing that.
When asked to automatically rotate a digital photo to its correct position, Lossless JPEG Rotator reads the JPEG file, checks to see whether is has an orientation indicator (not all JPEG files have one) and, when the picture was not taken with the camera in its normal position, rotates the image to the correct position. It then changes the orientation indicator so that no software application will ever think about rotating the image again.
Manual rotation
If the JPEG file doesn’t have an orientation indicator you can still have Lossless JPEG Rotator to rotate the photo, but you will have to tell it yourself the direction to rotate it to.
Some features of Lossless JPEG Rotate

  • The rotated JPEG file still contains the EXIF header that contains valuable information about the photo.
  • Rotation is lossless: no details of the picture will get lost in the rotation process.
  • When present, the thumbnail image that is part of the EXIF header, is rotated too.
  • If you prefer you can keep the original file. It will get a .BAK extension.
  • Most digital cameras save the date and time the picture was taken in the header of the picture file. You can instruct Lossless JPEG Rotator to set the timestamp of the modified file to that date and time. In other cases the rotated file just keeps the date and time of the original file.
  • Lossless JPEG Rotator can process one file at the time, but you can also instruct it to process all files in a folder, and even to also process files in subfolders of that folder.
  • You can initiate the rotation from the file or folder’s right click menu.


  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7.

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