Project Canvas 1.1.2

Rated /5
Project Canvas is a multimedia presentation tool, much like industry giant PowerPoint, but comes at a fraction of the cost. Create click-by-click adventure games, interactive tutorials, storybooks, school presentations, and more.
Sporting a cross-platform compatible file format, Project Canvas files can also contain an unlimited number of cards and buttons. Buttons can perform a variety of actions from getting and setting variables, playing movies, and transitioning between cards with visual effects to playing sounds, playing music, speaking text, prompting the user for feedback and more!
One of the most versatile features of Project Canvas is the ability to export a Stand Alone copy of a stack. The stack will be exported as an executable file that can be run without having to have Project Canvas installed! In addition, specify special kiosk-style features like hiding the menubar or making the stack run full screen.

  • Prompt the user for a reply with 3 button options
  • Obtain a text response from a user
  • Go to a card by number, ID, or relative identifier
  • Play, stop, and queue movies, music, and sounds
  • Quit or reset the current stack
  • Speak some text
  • Set and clear variables
  • Create and destroy text fields on the fly
  • Use visual effects between cards
  • Save and load the stack state
  • Show multiple cards (animate) one after another
  • Create unlimited cards
  • Cross platform compatible stack files
  • Compile as a Stand Alone application
  • Built-in paint program to draw card images
  • Import card images from all industry standard formats
  • Create an unlimited number of buttons
  • Specify actions not just for buttons, but also for card arrival and departures
  • Utilitize any stack dimensions desired
  • Familiar actions to HyperCard users

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