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File Recover is a safe, affordable and easy-to-use file recovery solution, designed to recover and restore deleted files from hard drives, floppy drives and other types of fixed media.

This version of File Recover incorporates a number of enhancements including:
Significant speed improvements
We have greatly increased the rate of finding & recovering deleted files in File Recover, making both searching for and recovering your deleted files faster then ever before! This improved speed is a result of enhanced integration and fine-tuning of the recovery algorithms.
Scans an entire hard drive in minutes to find deleted files
File Recover offers enhanced search capabilities that can now run a quick scan of your entire storage device in as little as 5 minutes! Search and discovery of deleted files occurs rapidly, with the results of the scan presented promptly for your convenience.
Recovers files in a matter of seconds
File Recover offers a significantly increased recovery speed for files you want to restore from any internal or external storage device. This is particularly useful when performing a deep scan and need to recover considerable amounts of data or large files – File Recover can now restore & recover in a matter of seconds.
Enhanced file recovery quality and support for more file types
File Recover now has the ability to find and recover a much wider range of file types. The level of quality and ability to recover files from various file systems (FAT32, FAT16, FAT12 & NTFS) has also been improved significantly. In addition, File Recover can repair corrupt files previously identified as unrecoverable.

File Recover Features

Recovers files instantly from hard drives, floppy disks and other types of fixed media.
File Recover has a rapid scan engine capable of scanning a typical hard drive for recoverable files within minutes. If you are a home user or a network administrator, File Recover fills a critical gap in your data protection strategy.
Scan selected hard drives or partitions for specific files.
File Recover can scan a specified drive or partition for specific recoverable files filtered on part or all of a file name.
Recoverable files found can be sorted according to multiple criteria.
File Recover presents recoverable files found on a drive or partition in a list, which can be easily sorted by File Name, Condition, Original Location, Modification Date, Size, Recovery State and File Type.
Utilizes a non-destructive, read-only file recovery approach.
File Recover does not write or make changes to the section of the drive from which it is recovering data.
File Recover supports a range of other features including:

    • Batch file recovery (recovers multiple files in one action).
    • Works around bad sector disk areas. Recovers data where other programs fail.
    • Support for IDE/ATA/SCSI hard drives.
    • Support for hard drives formatted with FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file systems.
    • File Recover supports multiple languages and contains Smart Update that facilitates the maintenance of product updates.

Trial Limitations: The trial is time unlimited and will only preview lost files but it does not recover them, this function is only available in the registered version.

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