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ADDAX – Fast P2P Program

ADDAX is a file sharing application operating on the Gnutella Network. It allows you to search, find and share any file such as .mp3, ogg, wma, wmf, wav, mpg, mpeg, mov, avi, asf, jpg, gif, rm, htm, html, txt, swf, etc. ADDAX is written in Java, and will run on any Windows computer. You can also distribute your unique content to the planet without having a website!

At ADDAX, we are working to build up a future of open peer networks and a digital playground. Our target is to fabricate a tool that permits to simply publish content to the world and also download anything you might desire. Addax’s well-designed user interface is better than any P2P program available. ADDAX is capable of numerous searches and is most well-known for its accessibility and compatibility.



  • Firewall – Firewall Communication.
    Since about 60% of clients are now firewalled, this feature really enlarges the quantity of content on the system.

  • Quicker network connections.
    Using new “UDP Host Caches”, ADDAX initiate and connects quicker then ever before!

  • Complete Plug ‘N Play.
    UPnP support allows ADDAX to discover more search results and have quicker downloads.

  • “What’s New?” feature.
    Everybody can look through the network for the newest content additions.

  • Search tool improved.
    Searches now instantly present the artists, albums and other information that completely describes files.

  • Proxy support.
    Users can now utilize web proxies to route downloads to shield their identity.

  • Accessibility.
    Just install, run, and search.

  • Capability to seek by artist, title, genre.

  • Stylish numerous search tabbed interface.

  • Downloading from multiple hosts feature assist you get files more rapidly.

  • Exclusive “ultrapeer” technology reduces bandwidth necessities for most users.

  • Browse host element.
    Still works through firewalls.

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