RoboForm Lite for Chrome v2.6.0

Rated /5

RoboForm Lite (recommended for Mac and Linux users)
This is a pure Chrome extension that does not require the regular RoboForm installed. It is written in JavaScript, so not all RoboForm functionality is available. This extension is also available on the Google Chrome Extensions Gallery

Pure Chrome extension that does not require the regular RoboForm installer. Requires RoboForm Online. RoboForm Lite is completely free. RoboForm Online Password Manager. Saves, fills in login info for web sites. Logins are stored on RoboForm Online server, encrypted RoboForm Online password manager (RoboForm as a button) is a pure Chrome extension that does not require the regular RoboForm installer and is 100% free.

Features of RoboForm Online extension:

  • – Logins: Most RF features
  • – Bookmarks: View Only
  • – Identities: Most RF features
  • – RoboForm Online Required: Yes
  • – RoboForm Online Supported: Yes
  • – RoboForm2Go USB Supported: No

**Important** Separate Full RoboForm Toolbar with local/offline file access available here:
About Roboform Online….
Introducing RoboForm Online (Beta) – A new service for RoboForm users that automatically keeps your passwords in sync between multiple computers and also allows you to access your passwords from any computer…anywhere in the world.
Experience RoboForm Online today and you’ll wonder how you managed without it.
With RoboForm Online you can:

  • Automatically sync all your RoboForm logins, identities, and safenotes to multiple computers.
  • Back up your passwords to our secure and reliable RoboForm Online servers.
  • Access and manage all your passwords from anywhere in the world.

Version 2.6.0
* Form filler improvements.
* Bug fixing.

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