Jarte Portable 4.1

Rated /5

The following install file is a simple zip file containing the Jarte program and associated files. There is no installer or uninstaller, no desktop or start menu icons are created, and no registry or other system changes are made.
The portable install is suitable for users who want to perform a manual install or for users who want to install Jarte as a portable app on a USB flash drive. Create a Jarte program folder to unzip the program to (or use your existing Jarte folder if you are upgrading), and be sure to turn on your zip program’s Use folder names setting before unzipping!
Jarte is a word processor for users of Microsoft Windows, based around the WordPad engine. In terms of market appeal, Jarte sits between the feature laden Microsoft Word and other more basic word processors such as Notepad. The standard version of Jarte is offered free of charge, while an enhanced version called Jarte Plus may be purchased. The purchasable version offers a variety of extra features, including Auto-Correct and Auto-Outline. In most other respects, Jarte Plus is the same as the freeware version.

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