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StartupStar – Take Control of your Windows Startup Process

Are you annoyed by all the software that automatically starts when you switch on your PC, even though you don’t want most of it to start automatically each time?

  • Shows you what is started when switching on your PC

    StartupStar gives you a list of exactly which programs are run automatically when your PC is switched on. This allows you to identify software which is started unnecessarily.

  • Total control

    StartupStar gives you full control over what happens when you start your system; it manages all programs that are launched on Windows start up. StartupStar gives you 100% control, allowing you to modify, add or detele programs to be run at startup. StartupStar can handle all startup types used by Windows.

  • Block unwanted programs from starting

    With StartupStar you cannot only remove programs from the startup process, but you can also block them so that they cannot add themselves again later.

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