Mediaraptor 4.2.134

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The total entertainment program that fills up your hard drive. Get your music, videos and films free of charge and in the right file format every time !
Are you looking for a certain song or music video by your favourite artist? Mediaraptor can find what you need in more than 10 of the best internet portals. Just enter what you’re looking for in the search field and Mediaraptor will record it automatically from social radio stations and video portals.
It’s even easier with the wishlist
Simply select and artist or song from the more than 70,000 artists and create a list with up to 100 entries. Mediaraptor takes care of the rest, quickly, automatically and free of charge!

What are social radio stations? How does Mediaraptor work?

Social radio stations are websites that allow you to customize radio programming. Mediaraptor can control social radio stations and video portals undetected from afar, list what music and music videos these site play, make these sites play the music you want and then record it automatically. This revolutionary approach gives you an unlimited supply of music!

Music fans swear by the tips from the Audials community

There are thousands of wishlists to import from the community. If you should ever run out of ideas which songs your collection needs, the community gives you the spark to get the juices flowing. More information about the Audials community

Even more entertainment with plug-ins

Add additional social radio stations and video portals to your recording options by using the numerous search & record plug-ins already uploaded by other users. This will keep you up to date on all you free entertainment needs. More information about search & record plug-ins

The converter gives you entertainment for every device

Mediaraptor’s web recorder automatically records all the videos, films and music you have watched online. The integrated converter lets you automatically convert your files in the right format for your playback device. You don’t even have to know what the format is. Just choose your playback device before recording and Mediaraptor takes care of the rest. The profile editor lets you set your individual preferences, such as video resolution.

Total convenience and lots of extras

Mediaraptor lets you put the finishing touches on your collection with ID3 tags, album artwork and lyrics after recording your files. Mediaraptor conveniently manages your media collection for you. And the media management functions let you sort your large collection easily by album or artist.

Mediaraptor has always got the answer you need

Whether it’s for your PC at home, a CD for your car, for your portable device or for a cell phone ring tone, Mediaraptor has always got the right file format and the best options for your free entertainment. 

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