BitComet 1.27

Rated /5

Latest stable release of BitComet. BitComet is a p2p file-sharing freeware fully compatible with Bittorrent, which is one of the most popular p2p protocol designed for high-speed distribution of 100MB or GB sized files.
BitComet is a powerful, clean, fast, and easy-to-use bittorrent client. It supports simultaneous downloads, download queue, selected downloads in torrent package, fast-resume, chatting, disk cache, speed limits, port mapping, proxy, ip-filter etc.
The BitComet program is a multi-threaded multi-protocol hybrid download manager and BitTorrent Peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing application. It supports simultaneous download tasks. To complete a particular download, it can draw parts of files from many sources across different P2P and client–server protocols.
BitComet’s chief features include an embedded Internet Explorer window for the purpose of allowing users to search for torrents within the program. Along with the features typical of contemporary BitTorrent clients, it supports UPnP gateway configuration, bandwidth scheduling, Webseeding, selecting only certain files for download inside a torrent package, NAT traversal (removed in v.1.03), Peer Exchange (in older versions, using a proprietary protocol and starting with v.1.19 also by using the Extension Protocol, implementing a PEX mechanism compatible with µTorrent / Mainline PEX), Initial-Seeding (Super-Seeding) and support for Magnet Links.
When downloading, BitComet gives you the option to prioritize the first and last portions of media files so that files may be previewed before they are completely downloaded.
It also has a “Preview Download Mode” in which all pieces of the torrent will be, basically, downloaded sequentially thus allowing the user to play a media file while downloading (provided that the downloading speed and piece availability stay ahead of playing bitrate).
BitComet also allows users to share their .torrent files, on a searchable P2P network, with other BitComet users through the torrent sharing feature, named “Torrent Share” in previous versions and renamed to “Torrent Exchange” since v.1.17. BitComet uses the Kademlia (mainline) DHT to operate even when the tracker is offline. BitComet is capable of downloading files over HTTP and FTP as well as bittorrent, and it includes download plugins for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Maxthon.
An optional plugin is available to connect to the eD2K network. The plugin is a modified version of the GPL eMule program. When installed, it connects automatically to a server.

v1.27 2011.04.22
GUI Improved: display Batch Download window when drag&drop multiple torrent files to main window or floating window
GUI Improved: remove the drop-down menu from the delete button in toolbar of Torrent History or Torrent Share list
GUI Improved: add “Show Detailed Info” option in View menu
GUI Improved: new setting in option dialog: add to Torrent Share when opening torrent
GUI Improved: display translation text of “Day” and “Hour” in task left time
GUI Improved: display recovered and dropped data size by hash-checking in task log list
GUI Improved: display used memory size in Statistics pane
GUI Improved: new setting in Advanced Option page: max number of UDP packets sent per second
GUI Improved: display upload/download speed in the left of main window’s title bar
GUI Improved: display more accurate error info when opening Magnet URI of unsupported types
GUI Improved: display preview window of task downloading progress when mouse hovers on floating window or system tray icon
GUI Improved: display Batch Download window when open multiple torrent files from File menu
GUI Improved: display confirm window if tasks need hash-check when started
GUI Improved: add new global option: display hash-check confirm window
GUI Improved: enhance video file capture ability of Firefox extension
GUI Improved: max cache size in global options page up to 16 GB under 64-bit system
GUI Improved: display download/upload size of this session in Statistics pane
GUI Improved: drop-down menu of remove button in toolbar is removed. click remove button with shift key can remove download task and files together
GUI Improved: decrease the context menu level of floating window and system tray icon
GUI Improved: available space can be displayed correctly even if the save folder is a symbol link to other volume
GUI Improved: improve the crash report program
GUI Improved: new task list of VIP Downloads
GUI Improved: “delete task and files” removed from task context menu. click “delete task” menu command with shift key to delete download task and files together.
GUI Improved: support context menu of IE 9 to download using BitComet
GUI Improved: modify the size of BT task properties dialog, compatible with 1024×600 resolution
GUI Improved: display navigation pane of Windows Explorer when open task download folder under Windows XP
GUI Improved: the text of task status in summary pane can’t be displayed completely when it’s too long
GUI Improved: new button in toolbar: add Magnet URI
GUI Improved: BitComet video download extension for Firefox supports Firefox 4
GUI Improved: BitComet plugin for Firefox supports Firefox 4
GUI Improved: un-installation program will notify running BitComet to exit
GUI Changed: update check for popular software removed totally
GUI Changed: remove the “Don’t show again” option in task remove confirm window
GUI Bugfix: “Open Forum” button in toolbar become invalid when file list is showing
GUI Bugfix: after remote connection established, the network status light turns green, but the tooltip of the light and the listening port status in Statistics pane not refreshed
GUI Bugfix: in v1.26, certain settings in Proxy page can’t be saved
GUI Bugfix: in v1.26, unable to create new tag from Task Tag option page
GUI Bugfix: in v1.26, the seed number not displayed in task summary pane
GUI Bugfix: the option “add to Torrent Share when opening torrent” doesn’t work
GUI Bugfix: when mouse hovers on the system tray icon, the preview window of task downloading progress displayed in incorrect position
GUI Bugfix: the detail info windows of download/upload size in task summary pane couldn’t be able to shown up after program running for a long time
GUI Bugfix: the task state icon displayed as warning if only download part of files of a BitTorrent and choose “Download Later”
GUI Bugfix: after increase text size of Windows (DPI setting), the layouts of certain windows went wrong
GUI Bugfix: the function of shutdown computer after all task download finished ignores tasks in queue
Core Improve: native support for 64-bit system
Core Improve: read file in working thread after disk cache of BitComet used up, to avoid UI responding slowly while high-speed seeding
Core Improve: slow down download speed when disk writing speed can not catch up, to avoid UI responding slowly while high-speed downloading
Core Improve: improve uploading queue handing, to boost uploading speed in LAN
Core Improve: if the the download drive not accessible when task starts, hash-check will be skipped to avoid download progress be reset
Core Bugfix: stop and restart BT task containing 0 size files will lead to unnecessary hash-checking
Core Bugfix: drop incoming peers whose listening port is unknown when their connection disconnected
Core Bugfix: files not closed after task stopped as disk space full, making those files locked for moving or removing
Core Bugfix: if only select part of files in a BitTorrent download, the task progress may fall back after hash-checking
Core Bugfix: when the setting of allocate space before downloading enabled, only the space of the first 50 files is allocated
Core Bugfix: if the save folder is a junction of directory, the download will fail
Core Bugfix: download rate limit for single BT task not applied to downloading from Long-Term Seeds

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