TIFF Image Printer 8.0.013

Rated /5

30 day free trial of TIFF Image Printer. TIFF Image Printer driver is used for general-purpose electronic document distribution and archiving. This driver provides true WYSIWYG TIFF output and ensures that the files are readable by most image viewers. Includes support for Windows Vista!

  • If you can print your file, then TIFF Image Printer can convert it into a TIFF image. As a virtual Windows printer installed in the Printers and Faxes folder, TIFF Image Printer can be accessed from any Windows application.
  • TIFF Image Printer specializes in producing the exact TIFF file format you require. While other tools offer many different output formats, TIFF Image Printer offers customizable TIFF specific properties not available in other products.
  • Both colour and monochrome fax images are easy to create using the standard fax profiles offered, along with new resolutions, and new scaling and alignment options.Built-in processing features for image rotation, cropping, copying, and resampling, as well as automatic margin trimming.
  • Use the TIFF Image Printer’s built-in run commands to pass the new TIFF image to another program or to launch an external program, perfect for application developers looking to automate the process of converting documents to TIFF image files.
  • Advanced COM interface makes creating conversion workflows a breeze. Easily utilized from within C# applications.

Watermark on output.

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