Free CSS Toolbox 1.2

Rated /5

Free CSS Toolbox is a freeware productivity software for web developers who work with CSS code. Includes a number of tools for fast-tracking and enhancing the development of style sheet code, such as an advanced CSS Formatter and CSS Validator. Key features and benefits

  • Quickly create and adjust CSS code
  • Auto-complete and syntax highlighting makes CSS editing easy
  • Easily re-format any CSS code
  • Quickly adjust somebody’s else CSS to fit your style
  • Make your code pretty and easy to read
  • Find and eliminate errors in your code
  • Check your CSS against various specifications
  • See if your CSS is compatible with older web browsers
  • Reduce the size of your CSS code by up to 70%
  • Make your web pages load faster
  • Quickly validate your CSS code with the web-based W3C CSS Validator
  • Make sure your CSS is up to the CSS Level 2 standard Supports Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista

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