iClone 3.2

Rated /5

iClone 3 is a rapid 3D creation program for pros or anyone interested in getting started with 3D. Explore the speed and time-saving productivity of visual computing with 3D real-time animation. iClone 3 is designed for users of all skill levels to create movies, web media, visualizations and presentations with 3D content.
Design & personalize actors using photos & textures. Bring actors to life with facial animation, motion, clothing and accessories. Build scenes with actor-interactive props, elaborate architecture and natural environmental elements including sky, terrain, water and atmosphere. Puppet actors and pilot vehicles with videogame-like keyboard hotkeys (W,S,A,D). The PRO features (Timeline function) of iClone3 EX will expire after 30 days, but Standard features have no expiration. Supports Windows XP SP2 / Vista

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