WebSite Auditor 2.1.5

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Makes your whole website system work seamlessly

Ensure that Google never underranks your web pages with WebSite Auditor. WebSite Auditor analyzes you website and then conveniently fits all results into an on-page optimization report that’s easy to understand even for a non-professional optimizer.

  • Build a smartly-organized structure of the website’s links
  • Clean up any coding problems, server errors or broken links
  • Provide SEO-efficient interaction of all website’s pages
  • See why your top 10 competitors got their high search engine positions
  • Find out what search engines want to see on your webpages to rank them high
  • Easily figure out how to get a top ranking with any webpage
  • Get a complete Website SEO Audit Report with detailed explanation and advice on the site’s structural issues.
  • Create a personal A-Z Content Report that tells you in plain English how to optimize any page’s content for top 10 search engine placement
  • Print onpage optimization reports, publish them to the Web, or send them via email to SEO clients (Enterprise version.)

Analyzes your website’s structure

WebSite Auditor spreads before your eyes the whole picture of your website’s architecture. This way you can analyze and optimize your site as a system, so that it works like a dream, and then focus on each page taken separately. The unique two-level approach lets your website hook top search engine positions break-neck quickly.

Checks each page for dozens of structure and HTML-coding related factors

In a single mouse click, you can analyze your pages for dozens of crucial factors that deal with your website’s structure and HTML-coding:

  • HTTP status codes
  • Broken links
  • HTML code errors
  • Page size
  • HTML code size
  • Titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Meta keywords
  • Total links
  • External links
  • Nofollow links
  • PageRank
  • Link Value
  • Cache date in Google, Yahoo! and Bing
  • Popularity according to Google and Yahoo!
  • Popularity in social media: Diigo, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Social Mention
  • and more

Lets you eliminate any page loading problems

A must-be requirement for any website aiming at 1st rankings is that all its pages load properly. Loading problems on one single page can undermine the rankings of all others.
With WebSite Auditor you can instantly check HTTP status codes for all your pages to see if there are any load problems and what these problems are caused by.

Alarms you of any out-of-order links

For your website to have a perfect reputation in Google’s eyes and the unshakable #1 position in its search results, all links on your pages must be right as nails. WebSite Auditor signals you if there are any broken links on your pages, so that you can fix them right off.

Controls that your HTML code is absolutely faultless

WebSite Auditor is a solid guarantee that all your pages are written in error-free and up-to-validation-standards HTML language. The tool momentarily warns you if there are any problem spots in your pages’ HTML code.

Handles page title issues

WebSite Auditor lets you put to rights the titles used on the pages of your website. With this tool you’re secured against duplicate titles that are like a red flag to Google and can seriously hamper your website’s advancing to the cherished top. Besides, with this tool you can pump up the traffic you get by writing click-attractive titles for each of the pages.

Gives you full control over your website’s link structure

With WebSite Auditor you can easily analyze all vital factors concerning your website’s link structure: total and external links, links with and without the nofollow attribute, most linked-to and linked-from pages, the way your links account for Google PageRank distribution and much more. With all these data, you’re dead sure to organize your link structure in the most efficient way, so that it gives a solid boost to your rankings’ raise.

Lets you redistribute Google PageRank among your pages

Google PageRank is a major factor to determine your page’s rankings. It is transferred from one page to another through links between them. WebSite Auditor lets you figure out what PageRank each of your pages has right now, and how much of it they can potentially pass with links. So, you can re-distribute PageRank between your pages depending on which of them you want to rank high in the first place.

Keeps track of your pages’ popularity in social media

WebSite Auditor does a bang up job analyzing your pages’ popularity in major social media sources: Diigo, Delicious, Social Mention, etc. You can figure out which of the sources send you solid traffic flows or bring more links to push your website higher in search engines. It means that with WebSite Auditor you focus your promotional efforts on the most profitable media sources only.

Monitors ranking factors for your domain

For you to be in the full know of each and every aspect that may further speed up your website’s flight to the top of Google, along with countless factors that deal with your separate pages, WebSite Auditor lets your check numerous factors related to your domain.

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