Movie Collector

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Movie Collector Automatically Catalogs Your DVD Collection. Just Enter Movie Titles or Scan DVD Barcodes. Instantly Download All Movie Details and Cover Images. More Things Movie Collector Will Do For You…

  • Deliver Perfect Insurance Lists Protect your valuable DVD collection by having a complete list of your DVDs in a safe place. (Think about it… a collection of 450 DVDs is easily worth over $6,300.00).
  • Prevent Duplicate Purchases Ever come home with a new DVD, only to discover you already owned it? Prevent duplicate purchases and save money.
  • Keep track of your DVDs The Loan Manager will keep track of who borrowed your DVDs. Don’t lose the movies you own.
  • Give You Hours of Fun and Pure Entertainment Discover all kinds of new facts about your collection and enjoy it more. You’ll be amazed to find some gems you haven’t watched in a looooong time.

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