Dr.Web Security Space 5.0

Rated /5

30 day free trial of Dr.Web Security Space. This product provides comprehensive protection of workstations running Windows 2000/XP/Vista against Internet threats of all types.

  • Anti-virus – best active infection curing
  • New! HTTP-monitor – real-time scan of web-pages and guaranteed downloading of virus free web-content
  • Anti-rootkit – reliable protection against malicious programs featuring rootkit technologies
  • Anti-spyware – security of your personal information – best of breed detection of Trojans and key loggers
  • Anti-spam – efficient detection of spam with false detection reaching zero
  • New! Parental control – protection against cyber fraud targeting children Protection components
  • High-performance Dr.Web scanner scans boot sectors, RAM, hard and removable drives, detects and disarms viruses, Trojans and malware of any other type. Enhanced by Dr.Web Shield it also detects all known rootkits and stealth-viruses.
  • SpIDer Guard provides real-time protection and instant interception of all calls to files on hard and removable drives, floppy and compact disks, flash drives and smart cards. It is a very efficient tool for constant monitoring of system health that runs virtually unnoticed and resists any attempts to disrupt its operation.
  • Dr.Web SelfPROtect restricts access to a network, files, folders and certain branches of the Windows registry for malware on the system driver level and protects the anti-virus against any attempts to disrupt its operation.
  • SpIDer Mail monitor scans every message on-the-fly providing you only with clean e-mails. The built-in anti-spam filter sorts out all unwanted messages ensuring that you won’t fall a victim of a phishing attack or other cyber-fraud.
  • SpIDer Gate scans HTTP-traffic for viruses real-time and blocks access to phishing sites and other fraudulent web-resources
  • Dr.Web parental control protects your children against unwanted web-content and contacts with fraudsters, molesters and other dangerous persons.

30 day trial for Windows.

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