Chameleon Startup Manager

Rated /5

Free trial of Chameleon Startup Manager. Chameleon Startup Manager can control programs that run at Windows startup, which makes Windows start faster and operate with increased stability. Programs can be run according to various functions including startup order change, startup delay, priority, consecutive program launch, day selection and much more. Configurations can be created and selected at Windows startup or applied ‘on-the-fly’ without restarting Windows. Chameleon Startup Manager provides real-time monitoring of programs added to the startup list.

  • Change startup order by specifying a startup delay
  • Select the startup configuration at Windows start-up – During Windows startup, it is possible to select the programs to be launched by selecting one of the Windows startup configs saved earlier (eg, for the Internet, for games, etc)
  • Black list – Just disable the program once and it will no longer add itself to the startup list
  • Monitor real time changes in the startup list
  • Start programs after another program is launched (also with a delay option)
  • Selecting on what days should programs be run
  • Possibility to restore all changes – Automatically save the history of changes in configurations and for each program

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