Web Log Explorer 3.83

Rated /5

Web Log Explorer is a fastest and powerful interactive, desktop-based log analyser for Windows. This log analyzer create ‘multilevel’ and cross-linked reports on-the-fly. It allows you to dig as deep into your data as you need to. Simply right-click a row in any report, whether it’s a page, a host, a user, a search engine or anything else and choose from a list of sub-reports available for this report item(s). Web Log Explorer supports more than 25 log file formats. It was tested with all popular web server programs, web proxies, firewalls and MS Windows Media Services. Needless to say, it can recognise log file formats automatically, extract compressed log files, process multiple log files and download log files from various sources: Web, FTP. ODBC compliant databases, etc. Web Log Explorer also allows you to filter visits by search engine robots. You can switch the program into ‘All requests’, ‘Without spiders’ and ‘Spiders only’ modes with the click of a button. 30 day free trial for Windows.

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