CyberMentors Add-on For Firefox 1.0

Rated /5

This add-on is for participants in the CyberMentors project, for young people to help and support each other online. CyberMentors is a Beatbullying project. For more information, please visit: The add-on has three main featuress: 1. The browser contains built-in buttons to facilitate the workflow of Cybermentors. 2. The browser contains a media-player, which links to Cybermentors video and audio. 3. The browser has a customised persona in line with the look and feel of the project. The theme helps participants in Cybermentors: -to chat with victims of bullying and with other Cybermentors -to reporting online bullying -to find tips for online safety -to find audio and video in the BeatBullying media centre Firefox: 3.0 – 3.5.

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