Effect3D Studio 1.1

Rated /5

Effect3D Studio gives you the power to create stunning 3D text objects simply by typing in your text. 3D text objects can be created using any font type installed on your system, giving you the ability to support any foreign language character set. Effect3D Studio provides designers of all levels the ability to create professional looking 3D animated graphics. A real-time 3D preview window provides a WYSIWYG editing environment to see your project develop. To add effects to your project, drag-and-drop from the hundreds of backgrounds, 3D objects, rendering effects, material settings, lighting and animation effects available from the content galleries, plus manually adjust various settings & parameters to achieve your desired effect. Also provides you the ability to add up to 24 photo-realistic and non-photo realistic rendering style effects to your animations. For more of Effect3D Studio’s powerful animation options. Windows 98/98se/Me/2000/XP. This 7 day trial version has full functionality with a limited selection of 50 of the over 700 available 3D objects.

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