Inbit Messenger 4.4.0

Rated /5

With Inbit Messenger you can supplement your mobile workforce with innovative file sharing, messaging, and mailing functions that will allow your team to reach new levels of connectivity. Using Inbit Messenger, your organisation can start text conferences, share files, images, and screenshots to enhance your office’s data flow and productivity. Send images and screenshots Inbit Messenger makes it easy to share screenshots and images. Drag and drop image files into the conversation or capture your screen and send. Share files with co-workers Both synchronous and asynchronous methods are provided for file sharing. Push files to colleagues by sending them directly through chat messages. Pull files from the online directory by retrieving files in public, workgroup, and private collections.
Log all activities at the server Server logging comes in a variety of detail levels, allowing Inbit Messenger to fit into your organization’s auditing policy. Admin can create rooms, introduce new users, and change naming policy through the server.
No license is required for deployment – just set up and go. Server and client setup is bundled in the same executable. Inbit Messenger 4.4.0 requires Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 2003 Server.

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