Thinc-Mail 3.07

Rated /5

Thinc-Mail is Thinc Technology’s new email client a direct replacement to current email clients on the market today with a look and feel similar to Microsoft’s Outlook or Outlook Express. Thinc-Mail Includes an integrated calendar/diary that is an alternative to using Outlook or a web-based style calendar. Thinc-Mail can POP (receive mail) or SMTP (send mail) to any third party mail server on the market today. Thinc-Mail includes the ability to share common address books with other users in the office all that is required is a shared common data path. Thinc-Mail is network-ready and will operate on any Windows based network No Dedicated Server Needed. Thinc-Mail can act as a standard email client with all mail downloaded and stored on the local users machine however when used in conjunction with Thinc-SOHO, then the ability to store and manage emails centrally is also available to users removing the need to use unique profiles AS ALL DATA IS STORED AT A CENTRAL LOCATION in a peer-to-peer environment or client server environment on local network reducing our IT support. Free for all Windows versions

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