KoalaTerm 4.1

Rated /5

Remote access client for the Foxit people. KoalaTerm is a cost effective telnet client with powerful terminal emulation capability. It runs on Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP systems.

  • Emulation: KoalaTerm provides terminal emulation, including many features you can’t find in other affordable terminal emulators, like full character/line attribute support, downloadable fonts (for displaying graphic symbols), etc;.
  • Full Keyboard Mapping: You can totally redefine your keyboard when accessing your host.
  • Full Colour Support
  • Full-featured Scripting: KoalaTerm includes a powerful script engine that allows the user to perform automated tasks.
  • Macro Recording: When you want to reduce the tedious input task of accessing the host application, KoalaTerm provides a very easy-to-use macro recorder for you to record and play your interaction with the host.
  • Printing Support:

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