Free JavaScript Editor 4.3

Rated /5

Free JavaScript Editor can be used for professional editing JavaScript code and creating special effects for webpages using CSS, DHTML, JavaScript and Ajax. AJAX developers can use this free javascript editor as Ajax Editor.

  • Combined color-coded syntax – for JavaScript, PHP, VBScript, CSS and so on. You can directly identify objects, comments, functions, methods and other elements.
  • Highlighting corresponding curly braces.
  • JSLint JavaScript syntax verifier.
  • Block Comments.
  • Code formatter.
  • Distribute your colored code with ease. – When you put your code on the Internet or elsewhere, you should preserve the color coding and formatting. It makes your JavaScript code much easier to understand and read.
  • Previewing using multiple browsers – Now you can remove or add any (quantity of) browser located in your computer to ‘Browser List’, to preview a webpage from Free JavaScript Editor. Free for all Windows versions.

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