Mugs Game 2.3

Rated /5

Find the hidden enemy “Mugs” on the gamefield.
This game is a little like battleships. It is a puzzle game where you have to find enemy “mugs” who are randomly hidden on a square gamefield. There are two game modes. You can choose to play on your own (Best Time Mode) or against the computer. If you play on your own you have to locate the mugs as fast as you can and in the least number of turns possible. If you play against the computer there are two game boards (yours and the computer’s) and you must locate the “computer’s mugs” before the computer locates your mugs.
When you fire, all enemy Mugs (including those you may have already hit) will scream in terror. You can then “take the bearings” of these Mugs, and get the number of screams. After a number of turns, you should be able to work out the locations of the mugs in order to hit them. There are several skill levels available when playing against the computer AI.
Win 95/98/NT/2000

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