Comodo BoClean 4.27

Rated /5

Protect yourself from online identity theft. One of the greatest threat on the Internet today is having your personal information hijacked remotely.

  • Destroys malware and removes registry entries
  • Does not require a reboot to remove all traces
  • Disconnects the threat without disconnecting you
  • Generates optional report and safe copy of evidence
  • Update automatically from a network file share

BOClean software protects you against a full spectrum of malware, automatically removing these programs from memory, your hard disk and your registry without the need to reboot or drop your internet connection. BOClean safely neutralises these threats instantly without any risk of damage to your files or computer. Updates are FREE, and the update download and installation process is (or, in the case of network deployment, can be) completely automated. Support alls versions of Windows.

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