OfficeFIX 6.56

Rated /5

OfficeFIX is one of the better Office file recovery products on the market. OfficeFIX will protect you against data loss, evaluate it now and recover your data in only a few minutes. OfficeFIX includes :

  • AccessFIX is the best option for Microsoft® Access database recovery and undelete. Restores all the important elements in the file accurately.
  • ExcelFIX is the best solution for repairing corrupt Microsoft® Excel files and restoring the data. It is the only one that recovers all important details such as graphs and images.
  • WordFIX is the best Microsoft® Word document recovery program. All the data is restored in seconds.
  • OutlookFIX is the best Microsoft® Outlook PST file recovery and undelete program. It is the only one that recovers all the elements and important detail They are also available as individual software downloads. Free trial for Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP/Millenium/Vista.

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