Ultra MPEG-4 Converter 4.2

Rated /5

MPEG-4 Converter is a professional MPEG4 Converter and MPEG-4 Encoder which helps you convert all video files into MPEG4/AVC formats.
Handy for your portable MP4 Player, iPod, PSP, PS3,Zune,XBOX 360,Archos, Cellular Phone, Pocket PC, Palm, etc.
Key Functions

  • Video Converter – AVI MPEG Converter
  • Audio Converter – Convert any video/audio file to mp3,wav,wma,m4a
  • iPod video converter – Convert video to iPod MP4
  • PSP video converter – Convert video to PSP MPEG4 AVC
  • 3GP video converter – Convert video to 3GP, 3GP to AVI/MPEG,
  • BlackBerry cellphone video
  • Zune video converter – Convert Zune video/movie MPEG-4, MP3
  • Apple TV video converter – Convert video to Apple TV H.264/MPEG-4

Windows 98/Me/2000/2003/XP/Vista.

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