RoboForm for Blackberry 1.2.6

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RoboForm for BlackBerry allows you to store and view RoboForm Passcards, Identities and Safenotes on your BlackBerry device.

Supported Devices

Any BlackBerry 4.X OS device with a MicroSD card for external storage.

Install RoboForm for BlackBerry

You can install RoboForm for BlackBerry in two ways, through the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, or Over-the-Air(OTA):

  1. Using BlackBerry Desktop ManagerYou will need to download both the ALX and COD files from the following links:
    • RoboForm.cod
    • RoboForm.alx

    Note: If you are having trouble downloading either of the above files, please right-click the link, and choose “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…” to force the download.
    Once you have downloaded the files above, plug in your BlackBerry device into the USB cable and start the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Once started you can open “Application Loader” and continue with the process until asked to select the programs, you can click “Add” at the top, and then select the downloaded ALX file. Clicking continue will complete the installation. NOTE: Installation may require your device to be restarted.

  2. Using Over-The-Air(OTA) InstallYou can download the JAD file from this link while using the BlackBerry Internet Browser on your device. This will prompt you to download and install RoboForm for BlackBerry, simply follow the steps. NOTE: Installation may require your device to be restarted.
    • RoboFormForBlackberry.jad

Features and Manual

Viewer Only, no Form Filler

You can only view RoboForm data on BlackBerry device, not edit it. Also RoboForm does not fill forms on BlackBerry, its primary function is to view Passcards, Safenotes and Identities that you accumulated on desktop. You can, however, copy data from within passcards or your identity to the clipboard, for use with the “paste” feature on the BlackBerry. Best used to copy and paste login details from your RoboForm Logins into your browser on the device.

Synchronizing your RoboForm data files to RoboForm for BlackBerry

You can copy files manually to any data folder visible from a drive letter in “My Computer” such as the MicroSD card external memory. You can setup this location to sync with your RoboForm data folder on your computer using GoodSync at GoodSync is software used to sync files with BlackBerry devices that make their file system visible on the desktop.


Once you open RoboForm, you will be asked to find the location of the RoboForm data files that you chose, most likely in “SDCard/My RoboForm Data/” You can select any of the different file types, Safenotes, Passcards, Identities to view their contents.
When viewing a Login or Identity file, you can select an item, and press the Menu key on the device, and choose “Copy to Clipboard” to copy the selected text to the clipboard.

Cost and How to Buy


RoboForm for BlackBerry is currently free.

Known Issues

  • Due to slowness of the J2ME interpreter BlackBerry uses, AES encryption takes 5-10 seconds when decrypting a single file, please be patient when using this encryption method on your RoboForm data files. Or re-protect your passcards using 3DES encryption, it decrypts much faster on BlackBerry.
  • Currently only AES/3DES/DES encryption methods are supported, RC6 and Blowfish are not supported.
  • Currently RoboFrom for BlackBerry must be uninstalled using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, it cannot be uninstalled directly from the “Applications” menu on the device.


Version 1.0

  • Improved compatibility with new BlackBerrys (Storm, etc).
  • Improved speed when decrypting passcards.
  • Bugs fixed.

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