Norton SystemWorks 2008 11

Rated /5

15 day free trial of Norton SystemWorks.
Enhance performance and defend your computer with antispyware and virus protection.

  • Norton AntiVirus 2008—Blocks viruses and spyware automatically with advanced protection and enhanced performance
  • Norton Utilities—Diagnoses and fixes computer problems
  • One-Button Checkup—Lets you enjoy your computer at its best, making sure it is clean, repaired, and running at top speed with the click of a button
  • Norton Cleanup—Quickly and permanently removes unwanted Internet clutter, temporary files, and other private information about Internet activity
  • Process Viewer—Allows you to easily see what software processes are running on your system, and which ones are affecting its overall performance
  • System Optimizer—Puts you in charge of Windows by allowing you to control access to Windows settings
  • CheckIt Diagnostics—Performs a physical examination of the hardware to determine its stability and capability

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